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HANNITY: Constitutional republic, or banana republic? America’s time for choosing


Most everyone in the state-run media mob, and every Democrat now acting shocked over Joe Biden’s cognitive state, is simply full of it. They are liars, through and through.

Many claim to be arbiters of truth and legitimate journalists. Yet, they have repeatedly and corruptly covered up and flat-out lied to the American people about the economy, Biden’s disaster at our borders, his family’s corruption and, until now, his clear and unambiguous cognitive deterioration. They have dutifully done the bidding of this corrupt administration and lawless deep state to hide what was happening. As an institution, the media is corrupt and has failed the American people time and time again.

If Biden is ever replaced on the 2024 presidential ticket, Democrats and the media will immediately praise and coronate whomever takes his place as if he or she were the second coming of Jesus. In truth, it will just be another radical Marxist who will advance the same agenda of the modern radical socialist party. Remember, Joe Lieberman wasn’t radical enough for them.

Biden’s cognitive decline has been on conspicuous display for at least four years. The ‘cheapfake’ videos showing him wandering around stiff and confused were always real. Everyone knew it, but they lied in order to hold onto power, and because of their psychotic hatred of all things Donald Trump and the people who support him. Did it not seem odd to anyone with eyes to see that Biden gave up the big boy stairs on Air Force One?  That he needed to be surrounded walking to and from Marine One?  That he passed up a softball Super Bowl interview and can’t even hold a real press conference? They failed to fully report these things because, in their small minds, the end justifies the means when it comes to keeping Trump from returning to the White House.

Did any Democrat or person on state-run media ever care when an abusively biased New York judge valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 million, even though a rudimentary perusal of Palm Beach real estate prices would show the property is worth much closer to $1 billion?

Did any Democrat or state-run media figure care that the New York attorney general ran on a platform to go after one man, one family and one organization? None I can think of. Americans need to ask why Democrats and the state-run media mob are perfectly fine with the weaponization of justice. They must ponder what it means for our future if a system hell-bent on getting Trump by any means necessary can sacrifice any and all sense of fairness and equal justice, shredding the Constitution in the process. If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to any of us.

Did any Democrat care that the Manhattan district attorney was also elected on a ‘get Trump’ platform? Did they object when a politically compromised judge allowed an eight-year-old, perfectly legal non-disclosure agreement to become a 34-felony count conviction by twisting the law to the point of absurdity? The statute of limitation was dispensed with through a dubious and novel legal theory that only a demonstrably hostile jury pool could buy into. Trump and his lawyers were not even fully informed of the charges being brought against him until after the defense’s closing argument, in what was a clear Constitutional violation.

I declared more than 15 years ago that journalism was dead, and today all decency and any sense of fairness is buried alongside it. Americans are now left in a Soviet-style Pravda state that doles out misinformation and propaganda through a captured media.

America needs to finally wake up to this corrupt and unholy alliance of Democrats, state-run mainstream media, and extremely powerful deep state institutions. We are at an inflection point, and America as we know it will simply cease to exist if this continues. Political opponents will routinely be hunted down and jailed while those in control celebrate their own treachery. At that point, our constitutional republic will be dead. We are now on the precipice.

Ben Franklin was famously asked if the newly established United States was a republic or monarchy. He answered, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ The odds of losing what the framers gave us have never been greater than right now.

Those wondering how much more corruption our constitutional republic can withstand know the same dark alliance was in action long before it launched the ongoing lawfare against Trump. Consider these events:

In 2016, the deep state and its media accomplices peddled the now-debunked Trump dossier that was financed by Hillary Clinton. Over the next three years, the media congratulated itself with Pulitzer prizes even though the lengthy investigation that hamstrung Trump’s first term turned up no evidence he colluded with Russia. Any apologies, retractions, corrections from any of the liars and conspiracy theorists involved?  None.The same dossier was used as the foundation for four FISA warrants, allowing the intelligence community and FBI to spy on Trump before and after he became president. Was anyone held accountable? The best we got was an admission that those who signed off on the warrants would not sign them again ‘knowing what we know now.’  They lied in a court of law and spied on innocent people and the best we get is ……..nevermind?The same FBI that doggedly pursued Trump for years, even ransacking his home in 2022, found top secret, classified materials all over Hillary Clinton’s illegal home computer server years earlier. But the holier-than-thou ‘Mr. Higher Honor’ FBI director at the time, James Comey, unilaterally decided ‘no reasonable prosecutor’ would prosecute Clinton, so he didn’t charge her. It didn’t matter that Clinton and her cronies deleted subpoenaed emails, destroyed devices and lied through their teeth about it. Did Donald Trump get that same consideration?  Not while they were ever so busy rummaging through Melania Trump’s closet.In 2020, some 51 current and former intelligence officials, including five former CIA directors, signed off on a Biden campaign initiative to flat-out lie to the American people about the very real laptop Hunter Biden abandoned in a DelaWhile Biden, his ‘border czar vice president and his hapless Department of Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, have insisted for over three years that the border is secure and closed, his equally ineffectual FBI director, Christopher Wray, has testified before Congress that the threat has never been greater since 9-11. So why are they allowing this to continue?  Why did they allow it in the first place?

Let me be clear: When, not if, America is attacked again by terrorists like 9/11 or worse, Biden, the media and the deep state will all have blood on their hands. Until then, every rape and every murder perpetrated by Biden’s unvetted illegals is on him and those who have enabled this policy of lawless self-destruction. And that includes much of the media.

Biden’s corruption and ineptitude has infected every aspect of his governance. Has inflation been ‘transitory,’ as his economic policy people promised?  Did canceling the Keystone XL pipeline help cash-strapped Americans fill their gas tanks? Why was China allowed to unleash a global pandemic, send spy balloons over our soil, harass our Navy on international waters and our Air Force in international airspace, threaten our ally Taiwan, and steal our intellectual property, all with impunity? Was that all what the ‘10% for the Big Guy’ paid for? 

Why is Biden obsessed with a new Iran deal? Iran, the number one state sponsor of worldwide terrorism. He turned a blind eye toward Tehran as the mullahs got rich by circumventing sanctions to sell oil on the world market. And when that money funded a proxy war on Israel, Biden took issue with our ally, not our enemy. In doing so, Biden ostensibly surrendered in the war against radical Islamic terrorists. 

Why have Democrats, the media and our intelligence experts allowed this all to happen?

I could keep going, but please know this: Whatever the Democrats are planning to do about Biden following his disastrous debate performance won’t matter if they win in November. Even if Big Bird is called in to replace Biden atop the 2024 ticket, the Democrats, the deep state and the dishonest media will cling to the same failed radical socialist agenda Biden advanced.

America, it’s a time for choosing. In 2020 I wrote ‘Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink.’ This is the brink I feared. Are we to remain a constitutional republic, or are we destined to become a banana republic? That’s what is on the ballot in 126 days.

 May God bless America and help us return to the principles that made us the ‘shining city on a hill.’

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